GS2 Drive 5HP 230V

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Compact GS-Series VFD-230v

Sensorless Vector Control

  • Precise speed control and powerful high torque, up to 150% at 0.5 Hz
  • Improves control with varying loads
  • Auto tuning simplifies commissioning 
  • Sensorless mode also selectable

Space Vector Modulation For Superior Motor Life

  • Super clean sine wave for cool running motors and high efficiency
  • Minimizes heat losses in for long motor life

Integrated PID

  • Precise control to maintain flow-rate, pressure, temperature, etc. without any extra controllers.
  • Accepts 0V to 10V, 4-20mA analog signals

Dynamic Braking Circuit

  • Minimizes deceleration time on high inertia loads when used with braking resistors.

Built-In RS-485 Communication

  • Remote control and monitoring with other controllers (Modbus standard)

Ground-Fault Protection

  • Superior equipment protection

Cooling Fan Control

  • Quiet, low noise operation; easy to replace fan module


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